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Chanelle Beaumont - Artist Interview

Chanelle Beaumont - Artist Interview

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Meet Chanelle Beaumont

A fine artist, teacher and mother of two

Please tell us a little about your back ground, where you grew up, what your family life was like and where you have lived

I was born and raised in London and grew up with my single mother, younger brother and older sister in a council home. Me and my brother were very close growing up we played a lot together, alternatively my sister was 8 years older than me so she saw me more as the annoying younger sister. Although our relationship was not the best when we were younger with the usual sibling rivalry, my sister was my first artistic inspiration. My sister would always draw cartoon characters or animated women and I was always intrigued on how she did it. I guess this would be the moment when I knew I had an interest in art, but still had no idea I could draw.

My mother is certainly my biggest role model and set a standard in my life that has led me to where I am today. From the age of 8 maybe, I watched my mum progress from a stay at home mum to a qualified management accountant. My mother’s progression allowed me to never want for anything. She made me believe that if you want anything in life, you just have to go and get it. She did, so can I.

My mother’s progression allowed me to never want for anything. She made me believe that if you want anything in life, you just have to go and get it. She did, so can I.
— Chanelle Beaumont

The younger Chanelle would not have considered herself an artist but instead an individual who liked to dabble with the pencil. I believed at the time, that a true artist is someone who can draw a portrait and make it look real and even with this knowledge I didn’t believe you could make any money being an artist. So I disregarded any pencil drawings as talent and pursued a career in everything else. I have had many different types of jobs, and it was only once I had my 2nd son and was due to go back from maternity leave that I asked myself ‘Who are you’? Shortly after that I quit my job and went to study. I was reliving the shoes that my mum had worn.. Progressing in front of my children.

 What has been your career history, What was the dream?

So where does Art come into this? Well...My art career all started when I tried to do a childrens pyjama company by sewing my own pyjamas. This was during my first year at university studying Education. My friends around me at the time were creating businesses of their own on the side, so inspired me to try.  It was not long before I found the business venture a chore and impossible to keep up with. Once I gave that up,  I had a conversation with my friend Jade who said.. Why don’t you do your art stuff, your good at art. And I was like yeah I guess.  August 2016 I painted a picture of a woman as a tree, representing strength, motherhood and growth, the feelings that were inspiring me at the time….and I posted the painting on instagram. The response that I received blew my mind.. I completely underestimated my dabble with a pencil skills.....I haven’t stopped painting since.

 What do you love about ohheygirl?

I love the Oh Hey Girl brand because the clothing is very unique and crazy at times. I suppose it can represent so much freedom in regards to swaying away from norms in society. I am completely supportive of the freedom to express yourself without boundaries, I feel that OHG represents that with their clothing style. I appreciate that the brand supports women entrepreneurs and I am truly grateful to be considered for a feature on the blog!

 Where can we see and purchase your art?

You can see my Artwork and purchase any of my available paintings on my website you can also contact me via instagram @chanellebeaumontart

You’re a mother of two, teacher and artist- how do you juggle such a busy life style?

I juggle my busy lifestyle by not thinking that my life is too busy to juggle. There is 24 hours in a day. I need 8 of that to sleep. The rest is up to me to utilise effectively. I just have to be organised enough.

Have you had any classical training for what you do, how did you find your talent?

My art talent comes from trial and error. I studied art GCSE but did not study art further than that. So I consider myself to be a self- taught artist.

What or who inspires your art and how do you keep your ideas fresh?

I am inspired by most artists however I truly appreciate artists that show a sense of freedom in their work such as Picasso, Basquiat and Jackson Pollock. When creating my work I try not to have an end goal in mind, and go with my feelings and mood at the time, this is how I create fresh work each time.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me, wake up, ride to to work, work, ride back home, eat dinner, get kids ready for bed, go sleep. Pretty typical working mother life. I distributed the jobs in the house effectively between my husband and I that everyday pretty much runs as smoothly as that. He may have an alternative view lol.  However if I have an event on, my typical days are a whole lot more interesting lol.

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What advice would you give to other mothers looking to branch into a different career path?

The advice I would give to other mothers is something my bestie Symone said to me. The smartest person always makes the best excuses. Go and do what you want to do with your life, find out who you are an invest in yourself and stop making excuses.

The smartest person always makes the best excuses. Go and do what you want to do with your life, find out who you are an invest in yourself and stop making excuses.
— Symone Mills

You’ve just hosted you first exhibition, how did this come about and what were the steps you need to take to put the event on?

My first solo exhibition came about from a conversation with a hired event space I was using for Art Classes. The owners of the place suggested that I hang some of my paintings and any sales we can agree on a commission. I then counter suggested to them that I launch an exhibition instead and this way I can boost awareness of their venue as well as myself as an artist. They agreed and then I had 2 months to paint 13 new pieces of work for my first solo exhibition. I did most of my paintings in the evenings and on weekends. I must say it was a new experience because by the last few weeks I was no longer painting with feeling but painting with pressure to get it done, nonetheless the very last painting I did, happened to be the best seller lol. In regards to the event day there was not much I needed to do besides have some paintings to hang and show people. I also contacted a drinks company to sponsor the event via instagram and they were happy to do so, I have to give props to my friend Jade for suggesting the drinks sponsor. On the event day my husband was my biggest support as he was the one who hung my paintings up for me the night before, help me set up an help me pack away. It would have been really hard without him. His support made it very easy for me to get it done.

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What’s next for you? Where do you see your career in artistry progressing and what tools, books or advisors are you using to help you take the next steps?

Next is to do another exhibition with other artists, find new venues, new people, hopefully even go to another country to host an exhibition. I am also in progress of writing a book about Art and Creativity. It is still early days but it focuses on Art as a therapy rather than a talent and aims to promote more individuals to be creative and express themselves without personal and societal limitations.

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