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The Receipts podcast- How to start your own podcast

The Receipts podcast- How to start your own podcast

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Meet The Receipts Podcast

An all girl collective taking over the podcast scene

The Receipts Podcast is a fun, honest podcast fronted by three women  willing to talk about anything and everything. From relationships to situationships to everyday life experiences, you can expect unadulterated girl talk with no filter.

Please tell us a little about The Receipts podcast and how it all started?

We decided to start the podcast as there were a couple popular male lead podcasts on the scene at the time and as amazing as they were, we wanted a place where women could also come together and do the same.

Who makes up the team and how do you know each other? Do you all work full time on the podcast, if not- what do you all do as a day job?

The Receipts is made up of Tolani, Milena & Audrey and we all met via Twitter October 2016 and we’ve spoken every single day without fail since then! We all have full time jobs alongside the podcast,Milena also has a three year old daughter.

Where can we listen to the podcast?

You can listen to the podcast on Apple podcasts and Sound Cloud every Weds.

The Receipts podcast

The Receipts podcast

What subjects have you felt have sparked the most reaction and why?

 Episode 5 where we talk about our ‘Daddy issues’ was impactful it was an episode where we all had opened up about our past and so many of our listeners could relate and still talk about it up until now! Also episode 52 with Dotty who hosts the 1Xtra breakfast show was amazing, we laughed the whole time and the listeners seemed to love it.

What made you guys start a podcast?

We wanted to create a safe space for women to be able to share their stories and experiences in a judgement free zone. As fans of podcasts ourselves we realised there was nothing out there where women from London were talking openly and candidly about their experiences. We all  decided really early on that if we were going to do this we were going to be as transparent as we can.

You share quite a lot of personal information on the podcast, what are the pros and cons of this and how do you think it has positively or negatively impacted on your listeners and your brand?

Not particularly if anything it’s been our USP as it’s what’s the listeners seem to love, when we first started we were so worried we’d be judged but actually because we’re so open the listeners feel comfortable to come to us with their dilemmas which birthed your receipts.

Why do you think it’s important to cover female centric subjects in a public space?

For a long time women have be silenced and boxed into two categories “wifey material” or “slut” we want to show that women can be multi-faceted and are more than the two labels society’s given us and in order to do that it has to come from women telling our own stories. It’s important for young girls especially to hear these experiences so they can either learn from them or be better equipped when faced with certain situations.

For a long time women have be silenced and boxed into two categories “wifey material” or “slut” we want to show that women can be multi-faceted and are more than the two labels society’s given us
— The Receipts Podcast

What other podcasts do you like?

Audrey- I like say your mind podcast/Small Doses/Lip service/Joe Budden podcast and Brilliant Idiots.

Milena- Lip Service/The Read and 3 shots of Tequila

Tolani- The read, serial, dirty John

What have been the biggest achievements so far?

Definitely being the first black and brown women to get to number 1 in the Apple podcast chart, getting our BBC 1xtra spin off show and our TV debut on ITV2 as guests on Don’t Hate The Playaz.

Why a podcast and not a blog or book?

Where we didn’t know each before starting a podcast made the most sense also we all like to talk lol. We’re hoping in the future we can incorporate these platforms too.

What do you love about ohheygirl?

We love how unapologetically female you are and the representation of femininity in various ways.


The Receipts Podcast

Tips on how to start your own podcast

Tip for success – How to start your own podcast

Best way to start a podcast is to just start it, do it with people who have the same work ethic as you, you don’t to be rich to start a podcast but you may have to pay for studio time and a graphic designer to create your art work. Make sure whatever you’re talking about whether it be more general conversation, a niche subject or a specific topic that you enjoy it and actually have something to say, diction and enthusiasm is important because your listeners will pick up on it.

How do you decide on subject matter and how do you keep the content fresh and interesting?

We either bring topics we want to discuss but most are topical or issues we’ve seen arise on social media and pop culture.

What do you do to prep for recording and where do you record?

Depending on the topic we try and research as much as we can but we’ll always give a disclaimer that we’re not experts and that people should do their own research however the conversational aspect is what people like so the show isn’t too structured and that works for us. We’re currently recording in a friends garage.

What tips for success would you give young women looking to create a podcast? 

Have fun, be passionate, consistency is the number 1 thing as that’s what will keep listeners coming back, find your USP, have strong and unique art work, do it with people you like and don’t give up if you don’t see the results you want straight away.

Is there any websites, books or advisors that helped you set up the podcast?

If we’re being honest we totally winged everything and it worked but now we’re so invested we keep up to date with the latest podcast news and we go to our Receipts on 1xtra producer Reay Richardson who’s an expert in podcasting and been mentoring us since episode 3.

Do you need any technical training to create a podcast?

No you don’t it’s pretty straight forward and there’s so much information online which can give you step by step directions on what to do. Tolani edits the podcast so is definitely worth having someone who has this skill.

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